Welcome to the world of professional storytelling through the lens! We offer top-notch video editing and photography services designed for small businesses. From documentary-style captures to creative visuals. Let's tell your story visually!

About ME

My name is Tzameret Ben David, and I have an extensive background in video editing, which introduced me to the world of photography. My unique experience in storytelling through video allows me to see things through a different lens.

During photography sessions, I strive to create a professional yet welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that you feel at ease and confident in front of the camera. I capture the moment and make you look and feel your best in the photo.

Corporate Headshots

Corporate Headshots service is tailored to reflect the style of your company. I provide a personalized and efficient experience, ensuring each headshot captures the unique character of your team members while maintaining a professional and uniform look. Ideal for enhancing your company's brand image, these headshots are perfect for company profiles, marketing materials, and corporate communications.

Personal Business Headshots

Personal Business Headshots service offers a personalized photo session dedicated to making you feel your best. Whether at a location of your choosing or mine, I provide guidance on preparing for the shoot and a variety of pose options to suit your style. These sessions, perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, are ideal for professional profiles, social media content, and showcasing your personality in the best light.

Company Event Photography

Company Event Photography service is all about capturing authentic moments while aligning with your company's style and message. Before each event, I familiarize myself with the schedule and key individuals to ensure to focus on moments that matter most. This approach allows me to provide a full representation of your event, from the significant highlights to the subtle nuances, ensuring every photo conveys the essence of your company's brand and event.

Company Events Video service allows you to capture every moment in motion at your next company event, from key speakers to interesting interactions and authentic moments. I transform these into a captivating video that reflects the atmosphere of your event. The video combines videos and photos taken during the event, resulting in an engaging story that highlights your company's style and the event’s key moments. Let me bring your event to life through the power of video atmosphere.

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